Decision behavior is messy, with a mix of conscious and less-conscious processes that underpin what it means to be human. Our inherent complexity, combined with an environment that has more online and offline triggers, nudges and touchpoints than ever before, means understanding consumer journeys can be an intimidating, but critically important challenge.

Traditionally, brands have taken a “zoomed out” approach to consumer decision journeys. This view can be intimidating. Consumers move between online and offline touchpoints in what appears to be chaotic and unpredictable ways. Historically, research has feared this challenge, pretending consumer journeys are liner, simple and mostly the same for everyone. This hasn’t worked.

Join our session at Quirk’s London 2022 and drop by our booth (616) to learn how modern analytics can help unravel these complex decision journeys. You’ll learn how to overcome weaknesses of current traditional research approaches. Our Decision Journey Mapping experts will share how, with advances in methodologies and well-written consumer surveys, it is possible to embrace the messiness, untangle it and unlock hidden insights.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Why sequencing of touchpoints matters in a consumer decision journey
  2. How sequencing leads to a clear, and more realistic, picture of decision behavior your category.
  3. How new approaches in sequencing analytics can help you prioritize resources, customize messages and deliver content in the moment it matters most

Date: May 4, 2022
Time: 12:15pm – 12:45pm
Location: Room 4; InterContinental London – The O2
SKIM Booth: 616

About the Presenters

Michael Hetherington, Senior Director

Michael is a Senior Director at SKIM and leads SKIM’s UK Business. His global outlook has driven him to lead insights teams and be a trusted partner to clients in Europe, America, and Asia. While leading SKIM’s UK business, Michael has focused on applying cutting edge advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights across various complex business challenges. His experience covers consumer packaged goods, consumer health, technology, financial services, and telecommunications.

Stephen Scales, Associate Director

Stephen is an Associate Director based in SKIM’s London office. For the last 15+ years Stephen has been consulting across multi-methodology research programs, bringing together the best-practices from all sectors of the industry. Stephen regularly employs a range of methodological skillsets in his work covering rigorous analytical processes all the way through to ethnographic observation of buyers during their shopper journeys. His experience covers telecommunications, technology, automotive, consumer packaged goods and consumer health (including healthcare).

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