Tuesday 25 Sep 2018 Berlin, Germany

“Alexa, order Heineken”: How voice tech challenges brand and channel management – ESOMAR Congress 2018

After partnering with clients such as Unilever to make them thrive amidst technology disruption, we embark on the next journey to map the potential of AI platforms, and in particular Voice assistants.

CPG companies like Heineken must anticipate a new situation where “Voice” plays a critical role in habitual behavior. However, “Voice” is not limited to be used for habitual buying only. Voice is also used for information collection and from a marketing perspective can be used in the brand management initiatives. For many companies currently, “Voice” is a white space. The coming years this white space will be filled with insights and experiences from studies, experiments, business decisions, consumer behavior and business practices.

In the upcoming ESOMAR Congress 2018, our Chairman and Founder, Dirk Huisman will present a grid of landmarks coloring this “Voice” whitespace from a CPG business perspective. Additionally, this grid will also map the journeys CPG companies, specifically beverage companies will make before “Alexa order Heineken” is a common reality.

Date: Tuesday, 25th of September 2018
Location: Technovate Track, Maritim Hotel Berlin


Dirk Huisman
Dirk Huisman, Chairman SKIM Holding

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