SKIM team won the ESOMAR Corporate Young Professional award 2017

After being selected as finalists for the ESOMAR Corporate Young Professional (CYP) award 2017, we’re proud to announce that our team won the award with the story “Turning a corner on negative perceptions of refugees in Europe”.  Congratulations to Nijat, Samantha, and Patricia for winning this prestigious award.

We’d like to also extend our congratulations to Alexandra Chirilov from GfK for also winning this award with their story “Virtual reality meets traditional research”.

ESOMAR Congress 2017
Nijat, Patricia, and Sam won the Corporate YES award

Turning a corner on negative perceptions of refugees in Europe

The world is currently facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II (UNICEF), with millions of families being forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, and poverty in countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

At the same time, refugees have negative connotations, with the European public’s propensity to help being on shaky ground.

In this paper, we therefore investigate whether increasing public education of the refugee crisis, by tackling the most prevalent barriers to support with targeted communication, can positively influence a change in public attitudes and behaviors. Read more

SKIM’s ESOMAR CYP award 2017 winners

About ESOMAR CYP award

The ESOMAR CYP award is an award organized by the Young ESOMAR Society, a new initiative created by ESOMAR to help you with your career in the data, research and insights industry. The theme of the pitches is #VISIONARY, daring you to look at our industry and the world in a different way, looking beyond the possible and dreaming of a brave new future.

Photo impressions from ESOMAR Congress 2017

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