After presenting at the ESOMAR Global Qualitative 2017, we’re proud to announce that Samantha Bond, our Research Manager won the Peter Cooper Excellence award with the story “(Wo)man vs machine: From competition to collaboration“.  Congratulations to Samantha for winning this prestigious award.

The Peter Cooper Excellence award was created to honor the late Peter Cooper and his contribution to qualitative research. Sponsored by QRi Consulting, the award carries a prize of EUR 1,500 and a nomination towards ESOMAR Excellence (best paper overall), delivered at the annual Congress.

Peter Cooper Excellence Award
Photo courtesy of QRi Consulting

(Wo)man vs machine: From competition to collaboration

Given the human nature of qualitative research, is automation for us even feasible? What is the impact on the quality of our insights? How much does it really save time and money? And what is our client’s perspective on the potential trade-offs? Read more

peter cooper excellence award
Samantha Bond presenting (Wo)man vs Machine at the ESOMAR Global Qualitative 2017