Greenbook’s annual GRIT Business and Innovation report identifies most innovative agencies in the insights industry

October 10, 2023 Rotterdam – SKIM, insights-based consultancy, has been recognized as the third most innovative insights agency in Greenbook’s 2023 GRIT Business & Innovation Report. Since making its debut on the list six years ago, SKIM has steadily climbed the ranks of the Top 50 list. The company continues to be recognized for its analytics expertise, innovations, and unique approach to client partnerships.

Defining innovation amongst market research suppliers

Each year Greenbook surveys insights and analytics professionals and publishes its Greenbook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT) Business and Innovation Report. The GRIT report explores dynamics that drive change in the insights and analytics industry, as well as the key role innovation plays in its evolution. Its objective is to provide comprehensive and actionable guidance for professionals working in insights, research, and analytics, including a listing of the 50 most innovative insights suppliers. Greenbook says the listing is “a chance to celebrate the insights professionals who move the industry forward with new solutions to demanding challenges.”

According to Greenbook, the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers list was designed to fill a specific gap in the market: a metric for brand awareness as it relates to the perception of a supplier as “innovative.”

Most innovative market research insights agency 2023

“The insights industry today is full of exciting opportunities and the emergence of AI unlocks a new realm of possibilities for marketers. While technologies may change, new consumer behaviors emerge and client stakeholders may shift, one that remains constant at SKIM is our passion for innovation.

This commitment, along with our SKIMmers’ natural intellectually curiosity, is at the core of our DNA – it’s what has enabled us to help the world’s leading brands to better uncover, predict and leverage decision behavior for nearly 45 years.”

Joris Huisman, Co-CEO

What defines these innovative insights agencies?

The most common themes are having a portfolio of methods – new or established – and an ability to address a client’s core business need. Some stand out for their value-added applications of new methods, including AI-assisted solutions and tools, and others stand out for their client-centricity. However, they all are related by their ability to add real business value rather than innovating just to be different or for the sake of innovation.

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