Are you interested in writing your Master thesis on one of the hot topics in market research? Or like to be involved in one of our intern topics? SKIM is keen to introduce market research to tomorrow’s workforce by offering internships to promising students who are in the final stage of their Master’s study.

Writing your Master thesis

We offer you the opportunity to write your thesis in collaboration with our choice behavior experts in conjoint analysis, communication research, and healthcare, among other areas. In addition to writing your thesis, you’ll have the opportunity to step foot in the world of market research and work with an international team.

You can apply for one of our current internship offers or feel free to suggest an internship assignment yourself. To give you an impression of the type of assignments we offer, we’ve listed some examples of recently conducted internships below:

Product & Brand ClaimsMenu-based Choice Modeling (MBC)Developing SKIM’s expertise in oncologyPricing researchPromotion effectiveness