What are you looking for?

Want to do more of what you truly love?

In other organizations as you progress the career ladder, you get to do less of what you love doing: research, consumer insights, business consultancy. Not so at SKIM.

Or maybe you are looking for more time to spend with family, or on a hobby? A place where you are not expected to work evenings and weekends; a place where people understand that you have a life beyond work?

Searching for a place where peers are focused on quality research, rather than hard-sales targets? We believe that quality work and cutting-edge innovation will keep clients coming back to us.

At SKIM we do not understand why anybody would aim to motivate researchers with sales targets, when their true passion is research.

To us that just doesn’t make sense.

We ask everybody to think about research, about decision behavior and dream big.

What can SKIM offer you?

Take on a leading role within a community that values innovation, thought-leadership, collaboration, inspiration.

Inspiring community of experts

Inspiring community of experts

SKIM experts are trusted partners to the world’s leading organizations.

Our expert community inspires research analysts and supports managers.

We push the boundaries on innovation, on strategy, on thought leadership.

Cultivating your uniqueness

Cultivating your uniqueness

At SKIM, no one ‘fits neatly in a box.’ All SKIMmers are unique, with different passions. Our individual uniqueness is our collective strength.

Based on your chosen area of expertise, you will continue to deepen your skills, knowledge and capabilities.



We want you to dream, dream big!

We offer you an opportunity to have impact, to realize your dreams and SKIM’s dreams.

We offer you a career, an opportunity to keep learning, to coach and mentor others.

Life beyond work

Life beyond work

Our company was founded on the promises of having a healthy work/life balance. We believe the best leaders, the best researchers can also have a life beyond work.

Every SKIMmer can work a part-time. This means 80% working time, or 4 day/week.

How do SKIMmers spend the rest of their time? Having parent/grandparent days, sport-days, hobby-days, volunteer-days.

Flexible working and wellbeing focus

Flexible working and wellbeing focus

Work from home or from the office. Safe and open working environment are standard practice at SKIM.

We have a strong commitment to SKIMmers’ physical and mental wellbeing. We discuss mental health openly and train you to develop mental resilience. We organize different sport events, ensuring there are moments to have fun and relax in between the hard work we do.

Commitment to the world around us

Commitment to the world around us

SKIMmers form a community of professionals that care about the people and the world around us.

We have committed to achieving three goals by 2025, inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Empower 1,000 people to achieve their dreams and lead lives that they value
  2. Become a carbon-positive company
  3. Empower our clients to accelerate the circular economy

Book an e-coffee with us!

We are looking for experienced researchers who can bring expertise and inspiration to our clients and our teams.

As an expert and thought leader you are expected to be strategic in the way you think, a leader in the way you inspire, and an expert in the way you execute. If you’re intrigued, let’s have a virtual chat over coffee!