At SKIM, we offer a flexible and inspiring environment. We value working closely with colleagues from all our offices and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and personal development.

SKIM employs people from all over the world and aims to make them feel at home in informal cross-country teams. Our dedicated researchers perform and manage all phases of a study and have diverse backgrounds, such as marketing, economics, statistics and psychology. In addition, clinical, medical or epidemiological knowledge is essential in our healthcare team.

Aside from all the hard work, we make sure there is time for informal activities as well. Team-building is big on our agenda as we understand it is important to know your team outside of the work context as well; we see this as a crucial part of working together. Throughout the year we offer diverse sport activities, annual office events and/or holiday celebrations. Facilitated by SKIM but mostly thought of and facilitated by SKIMmers themselves.

In line with our open company culture, SKIM people are supported to take the initiative and to follow their dreams.

Why SKIM?!