Wonder what a typical day at SKIM could look like? We followed a day in the life of one of our Research Analysts and it looks like this… And, just remember: There is never a day exactly the same at SKIM!

Hoboken, USA

For us, flexibility means coming in anywhere between 8:00 and 10:00. So, while firing up your computer and sipping a cup of tea or coffee you go over the catch-ups and to-do’s for this week.

You look down and your computers states “Monday, 10:00 AM”; this means it’s time for the weekly planning meeting. You sit together with your team and go through all the projects and proposals that are starting up. You check-in to see if everyone is doing okay, if the projects are on track, and if there is a need for any advice or help. Currently you are doing a project with the Asia team. Thanks to time zones they were already able to do some programming of the questionnaire, great! After that, it’s time to get back to your project. You walk back to your desk, thinking about how good it was to catch up again with the guys in Asia. Always nice to call them on Hangouts and see them face-to-face for a bit.

Singapore, Asia

While you are working on the Product Line Optimization project, you realize you’ve been focusing for a good stretch on your new gathered dataset and your stomach is screaming for attention. Time to get some lunch. While your mind benefits from a break, it also feels good to get your head out of that data sheet. In SKIMtopia you spot some of the London colleagues who are in Rotterdam for a training. You decided to show them around and bring them to that new spot to in Rotterdam you heard someone talk about earlier.

London, The United Kingdom

Just back at your desk, you get a call from your client. They ask if everything is going well and if you need some additional information. Luckily, this project is going smoothly; so, you thank them for their efforts and promise to stay in touch. Before you get back to analyzing your dataset, you also give a quick call to the fieldwork agency you are working with on another project and make sure you are on the same page in terms of the sample you want to target.

20161004_SKIM sfeerfoto's_RVG Photography_02
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Before you know it, It’s almost 3:00 PM and a Google Agenda alert appears on your screen: you have a meeting with the senior of the project team to discuss the analysis plan. What will be the approach concerning all the data that you have? You feel blessed it is so easy to approach your seniors or chat with the directors if you are in need of some more expertise. After the meeting, you feel confident to take the next step and thank your senior for the meeting. Back at your desk you got a chat from one of the analysts in Costa Rica. They just started their day as well and ask you for the deck you made the other day as they thought it had some nice visuals.

costa rica
San José, Costa Rica

At the end of the day, you have a training from your New Hire training program, always good to practice and gain practical experience. Last time, you were holding elevator pitches with each other and you wonder what exactly this storytelling training will be about.

Can’t believe the day flew by that quickly. You’re packing up and looking forward to hitting the gym or training with your colleague’s for an upcoming marathon.

Well, last but not least, greetings from SKIM Rotterdam!

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