The increased adoption of voice assistants is forcing many of our clients in the consumer goods category to ask, “Alexa, how are you affecting consumer decision behavior?” From search through the path to purchase, the implications of voice-enabled technology are far reaching for brands. Now recognized as the “fourth sales channel,” voice tech represents an evolving channel, requiring new insights. You know you want to gain consumer preference in this lane, but what questions should you ask?

For nearly 40 years we’ve helped leading brands perform better by analyzing and predicting consumer decision behavior across online and offline channels. So, just as we helped our clients reshape their marketing strategies when eCommerce was first introduced (and continue to advise clients today), now we’re tackling voice. My colleague Ana Martin and I wrote “The Rise of Voice Technology as the Fourth Sales Channel: Implications for Consumer Journey, E-Commerce, and Brand Strategy” to do just that: guide clients in navigating this evolving channel.

"Alexa: How are you affecting consumer decision behavior?" Download our guide to learn more about the branding and eCommerce implications of voice technology.

Here I’m sharing an infographic of the highlights. If you want to take a deeper dive into how voice is impacting consumer decision journeys and our recommendations for first steps, Download the full whitepaper here.

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