Our market research company in London, or ‘campus’ as we like to call it (as we’re always learning) has been established for 7 years.

This is the place where we collaborate, challenge, consult, and execute client projects. We brainstorm, hypothesize, critique, programme, pitch and tell stories. We socialize over drinks, ping pong, board-games, and even sometimes do yoga together!

We’re smart, driven and passionate, but also make time to exercise, eat healthily and relax. With such an international group of individuals living in this vibrant city, escapades and adventures are regularly recounted over lunches together.

SKIM London is tightly knit, and we work incredibly well as a team. We bravely undertook the Bear Grylls Survival 10km race, and challenged ourselves with an Alcatraz-themed escape room! We enjoy exploring new activities – what caught our attention was ‘Bungee Dance‘ classes… watch this space to see if we actually do it!

Come explore our careers page to see our open jobs that might suit you – we’d love to have you join our team!