We’re proud to share that SKIM and Johnson & Johnson have been named a finalist for the GOR 2020 Best Practices Award for online market research!

The selected paper “How to better uncover emotions in early-stage innovation research” reveals how SKIM and medical device company Johnson & Johnson applied AI in Voice Analytics to better mine emotions and uncover deeper consumer insights for new product development strategies.

“Using the voice analysis tool helped us not only to learn more about stress and test some concept ideas, it also allowed us to evaluate an innovative methodology.” – Sofia Jorman, Consumer Science Manager SelfCare, Johnson and Johnson

Uncovering both rational and emotional needs is vital for new product development (NPD) strategies, to accurately size the unmet need or opportunity for innovations. However, figuring out the best insights approach proved to be challenging.

While traditional qualitative techniques can be used to uncover emotions, the results can’t easily be scaled. Alternatively, quantitative research can deliver stated emotions, but lack depth as it relies heavily on ‘what’ people tell us – and we often see an overstated interest in innovations.

To tackle this challenge, we explored a new hybrid Qual-Quant-AI approach using the voice analytics tool from Audeering. With this tool, we could analyze ‘how’ people communicated their needs, attitudes and interest, to better uncover implicit emotions for more effective innovation strategies.

About the GOR award

The General Online Research (GOR) society realizes the need for new, innovative research techniques and named SKIM as one of the eight finalists. The SKIM team responsible for this study included Judith Suttrup, Julia Görnandt, Marcel Slavenburg, and Janneke van den Bent.

In September 2020, Julia Görnandt, Sebastian Wezel and Sofia Jorman will reveal the methodology used and results achieved for Johnson & Johnson during the GOR 2020 session: How to better uncover emotions in early-stage innovation research.

GOR is organized by the German Society for Online Research (DGOF) since 1997. Each year more than 300 participants attend the conference to discuss current developments in online research. The GOR Best Practice Award 2020 will be awarded at the GOR party.

SKIM in Germany

Curious to learn more, but can’t make it to the GOR 2020 event? Connect with our Berlin team lead Julia Görnandt!