Sunday 19 May 2013 Naples, Florida

SKIM and Kimberly-Clark presented on global online qual research at PBIRG AGM 2013

On May 19th, SKIM presented together with Kimberly-Clark Corporation at the PBIRG 2013 Annual General Meeting May that took place in Naples, Florida. Ellen Cabacungan, senior qualitative methodologist here at SKIM, and Janet Ziffer, marketing research technical leader for Kimberly-Clark Corporation, presented a case study from a recent 10-country project that illustrates the benefits and challenges of conducting online global qualitative research studies as they relate to uncovering new product and solution opportunities.

‘Global Online Qualitative Research: Lessons and Learnings’

For global companies invested in healthcare, balancing the needed global view with the country-by-country insights necessary to develop and market products and devices effectively is a constant challenge. Global online qualitative research allows immediate access to important stakeholders of all countries of interest and enables country affiliates and regional teams to see their customers up close. The ability to probe for further information on a similar question in a variety of cultures at the same time can provide important insights for global teams as well as compress the time needed to understand an issue with implications across multiple markets. In addition, enabling regional and global teams to participate in the research in real time leads to better buy-in and better idea and insight generation.

However, these advantages are accompanied by significant challenges and have led us to important lessons learned.

In this presentation, we explored the following areas:

  • How to manage and include a global client team (with country-specific stakeholders) in the process and gain strong buy-in and insight
  • How to manage the communication, findings, and daily output for two weeks from ten countries and 120 respondents
  • Key considerations of recruiting challenges and technical considerations in a global online qualitative study and how they differ by country

SKIM Poster Showcase on Decision Influence Modeling

During this year’s meeting, we also took part in the Poster Showcase and shared a new form of modeling – Decision Influence Modeling – that will improve your ability to optimize message choices for both patients and physicians.

Interested to learn more? Click the image below to download our poster and watch the video for a quick walk-through of what the poster reveals.


Having trouble viewing this video? Watch it on YouTube here.


The theme for this year’s Annual General Meeting was “Hitting a Moving Target: Planning for Success in a Dynamic Global Pharmaceutical Market Place.” The PBIRG is a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of global healthcare marketing research, business intelligence, and strategic planning in theory and practice.