The most successful revenue management strategies include input from many internal stakeholders and consider a wide range of factors (e.g. brand value, competitor moves, investment decisions, etc.). While the theory behind this approach is widely accepted, in reality, the complexity of this balancing act is quite difficult.

While some stakeholders offer data to inform pricing decisions, some have none. Each group brings different experiences to the table. The result is that pricing decisions often become discussions. Often times, these discussions are held between management and a wide variety of stakeholders.

Whereas data provides important input for these pricing discussions, the proliferation of datasets (everything from tracking and segmentation studies to sales data) adds to this complexity. While big data offers many potential marketing opportunities, it creates a host of challenges in knowing how/where/when to incorporate more datasets into revenue strategies. At the same time, you must still accurately predict consumer reactions to pricing changes.

If you feel drained from pricing discussions and often feel like there “has to be a better way,” you’ll want to join our session at EPP Monetized B2ME Pricing Forum.

We will share a case study on a unique data-fusion approach which delivers more holistic, effective and fun (!) pricing decisions.

Learn how to extract richer insights from a wide variety of datasets, while fostering internal pricing alignment amongst a myriad of internal stakeholders. Is it possible to make pricing decision-making more fun and powerful? Yes it is 😊

Session takeaways

  • Learn how to develop a more effective, and engaging, pricing strategy and alignment process with multiple stakeholders
  • Learn how to leverage a wider variety of datasets, outside pricing studies (e.g. brand performance, customer segmentation, sales data etc.), to create more actionable insights
  • Understand how pricing research is evolving from recommending optimal price points to facilitating more holistic pricing decisions

Date and time: Thursday, 4 July 2019 – 11:00 am
Location: Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam

Stefan Ammerlaan – Director, SKIM