The 21st century shopper has embraced the subscription lifestyle. Online subscriptions are rising across categories, including beauty, personal care, household, food, and beverage products. And these new shopping habits are creating opportunities and challenges – for both large CPG brands, as well as smaller direct-to-consumer brands. Whether you’re exploring this new business model or in a mature subscription category – it’s key to understand what’s driving this consumer behavior in order to better optimize your marketing strategies.

At Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) SHOPPER 2022 we explored the impact of the subscription lifestyle on the 21st century shopper, implications for marketers and their insights strategies.

Many of the world’s leading subscription brands, such as streaming media and entertainment, have turned to SKIM for communications and pricing insights for more than a decade. As the subscription lifestyle evolves beyond these markets, we set out to examine the shifts in consumer behavior.

We shared highlights from our global research study on consumer attitudes, motivations and behaviors related to subscriptions across the personal care, household, beauty, food. and beverage categories.

Attendees will learn:

  • What drives consumer choice for subscription products and services
  • Marketing implications resulting from new consumer behavior, such as the prevalence of switching behavior
  • Insights implications of the subscription lifestyle on shopper journeys


Mike Mabey
Mike Mabey – VP, Client Solutions Americas & Subscription Practice Lead

Mike Mabey has more than 25 years of insights experience helping leading companies focus on strategy and competition in four areas: decision journeys; product development; omnichannel decision journeys, and brand positioning and messaging. Based in Atlanta, he currently leads SKIM’s digital commerce practice, including subscription strategies, in the US. 

Brady Silva – Research Manager, Subscription Practice

Brady Silva is a research manager, with a focus in optimizing subscription strategies. Based in Atlanta, she has a decade of market research experience and delivering consumer insights to clients across the CPG, technology, utilities, and retail industries. She holds a Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology and has a passion for turning data points into clear stories with actionable and strategic next steps.


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