In a fast-moving market, traditional research often can’t keep pace. With mobile in-the-moment research, you can get real-time effective insights that account for consumers’ rational and emotional decision-making factors.

For HeraldBoy Research & Tech News, SKIM’s Robin de Rooij and Eelke Roos shares how we are seldom fully rational in our purchase decision.

Why in-the-moment research matters?

“It is critical for companies to understand what drives the decisions of customers at their point-of-purchase in order to differentiate and grow their business. However, more often than not, these decisions are affected by a myriad of rational and emotional factors and it is challenging to reveal what actually happens at the tipping point when someone makes a decision.

As Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman explains, people sometimes make seemingly odd and irrational decisions that can be heavily influenced by emotions and do not always follow the rules of rational thinking.

Kahneman divides thought processes into System 1 and System 2; a “dual-process” of the brain. According to him, System 1 is largely based on intuition and emotion (emotional thinking) and is more immediate. System 2, on the other hand, is logical (rational thinking) and more deliberate. Most of our decisions are primarily based on System 1 as System 2 processes only come into play when we need to make difficult decisions. That said, it is worth noting that humans are able to convert a System 2 process into a System 1 process, through regular practice…”

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