Study into customizable digital ads recognized for innovative research

We’re proud to announce that SKIM has been named as a finalist for a 2020 Quirk’s Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Award, based on our ongoing partnership with Google.

SKIM and Google teamed up to design innovative research that would mimic Google’s machine learning and data triangulation to customize digital advertisements. The aim was to help Google understand how to help brands break through to consumers with more relevant advertising.

While Google is well-known for driving click-through rates, the research showed that ad customization using Google’s machine learning and data triangulation tools can also drive long-term equity for brands.

We proved that tailored ads addressing individual functional and emotional needs have a larger impact on subconscious  attitudes than people are aware. By communicating relevant needs and showing a deeper level of understanding, brands can transform feelings of indifference to those of curiosity and pleasant surprise – a trigger that leads to improved click-through rates and purchase intent while building brand love and trust.

What we learned is ads that intuit subconscious consumer needs through machine learning drive purchase intent, click through, brand love, and brand trust. Using those signals builds a permanent muscle for resilience: brands that have their finger on the pulse of constant change today can adjust nimbly day-to-day and know when to consider business innovation/transformation long-term.

Katie Herskovitz, Google, Consumer Insights Manager

About the Quirk’s Excellence Awards

The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence awards ​powered by Quirk’s Media shine a spotlight on researchers, vendors, products and services that are adding value and impact to marketing research.

The SKIM study has been shortlisted for the Groundbreaking Research Project Award, a category that recognizes a marketing research-related project that has taken an innovative approach. It also looks for studies with the potential to influence longer-term or wider business objectives.

Winners of the Excellence Awards will be announced in November 2020 at a virtual awards gala.