You probably know a lot about your customers, but how much do you know about what your customers really think of you? We’re proud to share our recent contribution to GCI magazine. In the resulting article, SKIM Communications & Social Media Research Expert, Sourabh Sharma shares how social media insights, while less controlled than traditional research, can offer the most passionate, unfettered insight into customer perceptions and experiences.

Social Media Keeps It Real

In April 2013, SKIM conducted a meta-analysis of social media data from within the skin care category. The results illustrate how social media research reveals true customer sentiment and passion regarding a brand, including:

  • Which brands are most talked about and how;
  • Consumer reactions and buzz around ailments related to skin, and treatments sought for these ailments;
  • Consumer personas of skin care users;
  • A deep dive into the emotional and personality elements of the skin care category and what it stands for in the mind of the consumer; and how communications and social media warrant increased evaluation as consumer/marketer lines continue to blur.

Learn how to utilize the powerful lens of social media: read the full article on the GCI website.