While it takes the patient perspective to set yourself apart as a pharmaceutical company, the traditional patient journey is largely a treatment journey focused on physicians, their examination, and treatment behavior.

Today, even attempts to be patient-centric are mainly focused on treatment (and therefore products) rather than beginning with patient needs or need states.

We argue that pharmaceutical companies need to move away from this product-centered approach. Instead, they need to improve the current patient centered approach with a broader focus, putting the patient at the center of attention. Patients are people, and pharma companies should address them as such. People with diverse needs, emotions and behaviors at key moments.

In the EphMRA Conference 2018,  we shared  the importance of understanding patient emotions in engaging with patients and how this can enhance opportunities for pharma companies.


Insights from “Study patient need states instead of treatment pathways”

Amongst others, we have defined the first step towards finding new engagement possibilities by understanding patient emotions. Together with pharmaceutical companies, we now want to take it one step further and broaden the scope of action for pharmaceutical companies.

This presentation discussed the following questions:

  • How are patients handling the emotions that occur before and during their treatment journey?
  • How can pharma actively help patients to emotionally conquer their new reality either before or just after being diagnosed with a disease?
  • What are the patient’s information gaps and needs before understanding symptoms or when dealing with a disease?
  • What are the different tools and formats for pharma companies to get in contact with the patient and actively engage with him/her? What chances does digitization offer for the patient journey?