Thursday 15 Sep 2016

Swiping method to better test brand communications at MRMW EU

MRMW was back in Europe in 2016 with the 7th edition of its global innovation series for Market Research. At this year’s edition in London, Mini Kalivianakis and Jet Bouman-Kruithof shared Unspoken™, our new implicit testing methodology.

In their presentation, participants found out first-hand how we are combining the advantages of mobile (engagement, intuitive swiping, etc) with psychological theory and advanced modeling techniques to better test brand communications. The methods allow us to understand what ads are most effective at initially attracting consumers to the shelf and then driving conversion once they are there.

“Swipe left, swipe right” – New implicit methods utilizing mobile technology and System 1 & 2

If you are unable to view the slides on this page or you’d like to download the presentation file, click here to view our slides on SlideShare.

Presented by:
Mini Kalivianakis, Client Solutions Director and Partner
Jet Bouman-Kruithof, Research Manager

Key learnings were:

  • Using “natural” mobile techniques such as tapping and swiping as basis for your survey design
  • Capturing non-rational drivers through a mobile friendly research design based on implicit research techniques
  • Swiping, Trade-offs and Heatmaps: introducing three examples of intuitive mobile techniques
  • How do the results compare to a) traditional survey design b) amongst the new methods