At ESOMAR Fusion 2019, we shared our journey with Audeering – a German start-up that develops machine learning to detect emotions in voice – in analyzing ‘how’ people communicate their needs, attitudes and interest.

We all know the importance of identifying both rational and emotional consumer needs and drivers of decision-making and this is particularly the case in new product development. However, whilst we have techniques to uncover emotions qualitatively, what about when we need to size the unmet need or opportunity for a new product innovation?

Together with Audeering, we had a goal to access their underlying emotions and explore an opportunity or evaluate a new product with greater validity by understanding their emotions in voice.

Date: Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 | 11.30-11.50 am CET
Location: Fusion X-perience: A.I. Language, Voice and Video track, The Santo Domingo Hotel, Madrid

Marcel Slavenburg
Marcel Slavenburg, Research Director