Sunday 18 Sep 2016

Developing effective marketing messages workshop at ESOMAR ’16

Join us in September at the ESOMAR Congress 2016 in New Orleans

Do you aim to drive motivation to purchase through wording and visuals? Are you looking to trigger trial usage of a new product or brand? Is there a need to create an emotional connection through your brand messaging?

At the ESOMAR Congress 2016 in New Orleans, customer insight professionals working in or with brand and product marketing communications joined us to discuss just that during our intensive and fun communications workshop.

At the event, we ran a communication claims test using 10 messages to see what is the best performing marketing message on a Google Cardboard. Get the results below or click here to download!

Marketing Messages SKIM Unspoken ESOMARDeveloping Effective Marketing Messages

Presented by:
Joris Huisman, Managing Director
Scott Garrison, Communications Platform Manager

Marketing messages are often generated by internal teams within a company, which means that the messages being tested are only as good as the team generating them. This workshop challenged the traditional way of thinking and helped participants understand why it is important to place themselves in the mind of the consumer, as well as demonstrated ways in which to do this.

We discussed how to increase engagement and buy-in from cross-functional teams, and uncover the principles that lead to effective marketing messages. Our aim was that participants left the workshop with the ability to make a substantial impact on their marketing communication efforts. One of the key factors for message effectiveness is that consumers and shoppers have to be able to relate to them. This means that it is vital to place ourselves in the mind of the consumer when crafting marketing messages, yet this is something that is often overlooked.

In this workshop we provided:

  • Hands on experience of how to generate impactful marketing messages;
  • Understanding of the consumer-centric marketing message framework which is used to generate conversation and key learnings of what constitutes an effective marketing message;
  • A review of the best practices for how to test and validate marketing messages. A select few methodologies to experience firsthand in order to understand what potential opportunities exist and to go over the pros and cons of each approach.

The workshop covered the entire spectrum of marketing messaging, from the brainstorming and ideation stage all the way through the testing and implementation phases. Participants learned how to create and test successful marketing messages while increasing engagement and buy-in from cross-functional teams, being able to more successfully contribute to the effective marketing of their respective brands and products.

ESOMAR Corporate Young Professional Team

We’re also proud to share that our team was selected as one of five finalists for the ESOMAR Corporate Young Professional Award with their story on developing and measuring the impact of the disruption driven by Millennials.