Exactly what consumers are looking for from your ice cream brand? We linked up with Refrigerated & Frozen Foods magazine to bring you the three most important ingredients to getting your ice cream marketing messaging just right. We’re also sharing the insights in a handy infographic.

Does your ice cream marketing message scream success?

“Ice cream has long been America’s traditional treat, and yet today, there are a growing number of non-traditional ice cream options. The ice cream section of most supermarkets offers a staggering array of choices, from traditional vanilla to dairy-free coconut granita sweetened with stevia. The good news for ice cream manufacturers and marketers is that certain communication best practices hold true no matter how unique the product.

We analyzed 10 studies of marketing claims (on-pack and in advertising) in the ice cream category. The studies contained various product statements that were being tested for placement on packages to drive consumer purchase intent. SKIM combined those findings with direct “diagnostic” questions about consumer opinions regarding different product attributes, their shopping behavior, etc.

The results revealed a number of motivational commonalities when it comes to choosing ice cream…”

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ice cream marketing messaging infographic SKIM