It is no secret the market research industry is under pressure to deliver sound and strategic insights within shrinking budgets and time frames. In fact, ten years from now efficiency is predicted to be the deciding factor when commissioning research. This presents a serious challenge for qualitative research, with traditional methods being directly at odds with the need for speed. However, demand for qualitative insight is predicted to increase, driven by a need to convert big data into smart data and provide meaning, clarity and focus to the growing sea of numbers. Confronted with this scenario, SKIM was keen to investigate potential solutions to ensure qualitative research remains an accessible source of insight for their clients.

Published on Research and Results International Issue, we and William Serfaty, global strategy and insights manager at Danone, shared how we compared human analysis, machine analysis and a mix of the two to test which one would emerge as the victor in providing insights on the drivers of consumption for a new product – all in a tight timeline.

““The outcome was a nice surprise! Now we can get a report faster that provides the level of detail you’d get from a traditional report”

— William Serfaty, Danone’s global strategy and insights manager