We’re proud to share that SKIM is featured in the Sales & Marketing section of the November 2013 issue of Med Ad News. In the resulting article, Mike Mabey and Gerard Loosschilder share how forecasting can be a powerful tool for understanding market changes and assessing alternative courses of action and defense strategies.

Assessing future loss of exclusivity scenarios

The forecasting of scenario consequences helps brand teams contemplate “what if” situations regarding market possibilities and alternative courses of action. The discipline and focused thinking involved in scenario forecasting ensures the brand team considers all of the alternatives.

Forecasting allows one to quantify various scenarios to identify the most effective solution for the business moving forward. It is also useful for developing strategies for dealing with worst-case scenarios. Forecasting outputs include the number of prescriptions under a scenario resulting in a sales number, and/or the share of prescriptions to be had across patient groups in the indication area, resulting in a market position.