At SKIM, we are proud to have been Sawtooth Software’s global support partner and exclusive EMEA software distributor for conjoint analysis since the late 1980’s. In today’s 24/7 online world it has become more efficient for Sawtooth Software to maintain their own global software distribution. As such, we have entered into a new agreement with Sawtooth Software per January 2013.

Sawtooth Software products or updates are now only to be purchased directly from Sawtooth Software; however, you can still reach out to us during European working hours for worldwide, free technical support as well as for consultancy and related research services.

A bit of history

SKIM was selected by Sawtooth Software to sell and support its software throughout Europe starting in the late 1980s because it was expensive and time-consuming to ship floppy disks and hardcopy manuals to customers in Europe. Long-distance international phone calling was very cost-ineffective during this time. Plus, technical support often involved shipping floppy disks with problematic project files and data files via the mail system to the technical support team.

In the current era, software is downloaded from websites and technical, expertise support can be executed to anywhere in the world effectively and with ease.

Moving forward

Besides our role as support partner for Sawtooth Software’s product suite, we cooperate on research development and training. For the latter, we continued to have collaborations in hosting joint training events and conferences.

SKIM looks forward to the continued and highly regarded relationship with Sawtooth Software and to make use of this shift by gaining focus on core services: partnering with companies like yours to (co-) create optimal choice designs and simulators.