Wednesday 7 Jun 2017 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Learn insights extraction at the ESOMAR Summer Academy

Insights extraction is a scientific activity as well as the finessed art of taking pictures of “the data” from different perspectives. All the while, the challenge remains to use and combine multiple sources of data and contrast the insights with existing ideas, experiences and assumptions.

Learn how to extract insights and turn them into action with SKIM’s Dirk Huisman and Jeroen Hardon at this year’s ESOMAR Summer Academy. The academy, running from June 6-8, is a week of practical learning and hands-on tips for research providers and buyers on need-to-know subjects.

Workshop date: June 7th, 2017
Location: DoubleTree by Hilton in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– Dirk Huisman, Chairman at SKIM
– Jeroen Hardon, Director Methodology & Innovation Europe at SKIM

About the insights extraction workshop

Insights are the interpretation of: data, trends, observations, a collection of pictures, text from social media and more with the aim to increase effectiveness, reduce risks, and help understanding the reality better. Yes it is a very broad concept, with many context specific interpretations and practitioners. Insight extraction is at the core of the market research function, the insight professional, the big data specialist, the trend watcher etc. During the one day workshop we will take you on the rewarding journey from understanding the business question to sharing the insight.

During our workshop, in a number of cases you will have to extract insights, apply the rules, look at the observations from different perspectives. You will have to validate and to falsify the insights. You learn by listening, observing and mainly by doing.

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