Wednesday 16 Nov 2016

SKIM presented on bringing big data to life at ESOMAR Big Data World

On November 16th, we were excited to join a brand new ESOMAR conference exploring the world of big data with a multi-dimensional approach: from business to marketing strategy, from technology to innovation, from software to artificial intelligence.

At the first ever edition of Big Data World in Berlin, SKIM was presenting on merging demographics and behavioral data with attitudinal survey data.

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Bringing Big Data to Life

Presented by:
Jeroen Hardon, Director Methodology and Innovation Europe, SKIM, Netherlands

If you are unable to view the slides on this page, click here to view or download them on SlideShare. You can also download the PDF directly here.

Big Data often has demographic and behavioral data, but little to no attitudinal information. This presentation describes the many challenges in using survey data to add attitudinal information.

We also describe our solution to align demographic and behavioral data stored in large client databases with attitudinal data collected in a survey that was used for developing consumer segments with different needs. We will show that higher predictive validity for survey data does not always mean higher predictive validity for Big Data, and that data fusion and augmentation can be a helpful solution.

Get your copy of this bringing big data to life presentation in PDF below!