Wednesday 26 Oct 2016

How Menu Based Conjoint can help define your optimal product bundles at Research and Results (R&R)

We hosted another workshop at the Research & Results 2016 trade show conference in Munich, Germany from October 26-27. During our session on day one of the conference, we showed how to harness Menu Based Conjoint to define your optimal product bundles in order to increase revenue.

Bundling – a new approach using Menu Based Conjoint

Presented by:
Wessel Roose, Research Manager based in Rotterdam

If you are unable to view the slides on this page, click here to view or download them on SlideShare. You can also download the PDF directly here.

As a service provider, for example if your brand is a financial institution or telecom company, you may try to increase your revenue by cross-selling additional services to your current customers.

One way to achieve this is offering multiple services in a “bundle” and making the bundle attractive to customers by offering it at a discount.

At our Research & Results workshop, we shared how to define bundles and optimize revenue by bundling. This is a new approach using our Menu Based Conjoint (MBC), our innovative method specifically designed for markets where the purchase choice is based on a menu.

SKIM presenting on defining your optimal product bundles at Research & Results 2016 The Market Research Show

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