Monday 9 May 2016

BHBIA BOBI Awards Winner in the category Most Innovative Approach

SKIM and Boehringer Ingelheim win award for their work on 'in-the-moment' Mobile Forecasting

We are very proud and excited to announce that SKIM’s Eelke Roos and Boehringer Ingelheim’s* Sarah Morley have won in the category “Most Innovative Approach” for the 2016 BHBIA BOBI awards. Eelke and Sarah were nominated for developing a new methodology for forecasting patient shares in a future market.

“The study outlined in this paper approached a very real and long-standing research issue faced by pharma companies and utilised an innovative solution to provide superior results. The judges unanimously felt that this was a study that they themselves would have been proud to be associated with.”

Turning the tables

How ‘in-the-moment’ mobile forecasting revealed a winning strategic direction for a new product and ensured a successful launch in a complex and highly competitive market

With the odds stacked against a new product in a complex, competitive market, Boehringer Ingelheim needed insights that traditional market research methods just couldn’t touch. Which patients? What type? How many?

What the brand team didn’t expect was an approach that captured prescribing intent with such precision that it turned round conventional thinking and elevated a ‘simple forecast’ to a robust, compelling evidence base for a winning strategic direction.

Powering fresh momentum, confident decisions, more impactful customer engagement and better informed physicians, the ‘in-the-moment’ clarity of mobile forecasting proved the albeit unanticipated driving force that ensured a successful launch.


This award is based on our presentation at the 2015 BHBIA conference.



*Now at Janssen