Drive innovation and impact by understanding and empowering patients  

In the fast-evolving world of pharmaceuticals, successfully launching a new product requires a profound understanding of the patients who will ultimately benefit from it. This means going beyond traditional clinical research to delve into the emotional and experiential aspects of patients’ journeys.

We are committed to supporting your team to effectively interact with patients for a successful product launch by ensuring their voices are central to the entire process.

In this blog, we’ll explore how understanding and engaging patients can lead to successful pharmaceutical product launches and highlight SKIM’s unique approach.

Understand the patient journey

SKIM’s patient research approach focuses on exploring the ups and downs of the patient’s journey, covering not only the clinical elements but also the deeply emotional aspects that come with many conditions. We believe that by conducting comprehensive patient research, we can uncover the true impact that pharmaceuticals can have on patients and, more broadly, on overall care.

Every patient’s story is unique and deserves its own spotlight. The journey that patients go through is often emotional, filled with challenges and triumphs. By gaining a holistic understanding of these experiences, we can identify unmet needs and key areas of alignment and disconnect.

Understanding the patient's journey

Empower patients as active participants

Globally, the pharmaceutical industry has seen patients become more empowered and collaborative within their communities over time, leading to a rise in patient advocacy and centricity as part of the research process. SKIM goes beyond traditional research roles to engage patients as co-creators and collaborators in preparation for your next product launch. Through patient research, advisory boards, online communities, and participatory workshops, we provide platforms for patients to share their stories, voice their needs, and shape the future of healthcare.

By amplifying the voices of patients, we ensure that their perspectives are heard loud and clear, driving patient-centric innovation from the ground up. This collaborative approach fosters mutual understanding and trust, laying the groundwork for a successful launch that meets the needs of all parties involved.

Use an innovative 360 research approach

A 360-degree research approach can revolutionize how you navigate new product launches. Leveraging insights from patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs), and manufacturers, our approach is built around three core components:

  1. Interviewing stakeholders: We interview patients, HCPs, and key stakeholders to gain a holistic view of key challenges, recognize unmet needs and determine key areas of alignment and disconnect.
  2. Facilitating dialogue: We bring these insights to the forefront and facilitate dialogue among patients, HCPs, and your own executives. This interaction is crucial for mutual understanding and identifying actionable insights.
  3. Collaborative ideation: Through interactive sessions, we build on each other’s ideas, fostering an environment where all voices are heard. This approach ensures that the final product launch strategy is well-rounded and patient centric.

Engage all stakeholders

Successful product launches require the involvement of all key stakeholders from the beginning. This includes the brand team, medical team, policy team, and patient organizations. By involving these parties early on, we facilitate greater impact and partnership, while centering discussions, ideation, and prioritization around the patient’s voice.

One SKIM client reflected on their experience with stakeholder alignment:

“I’ve had the chance to collaborate with SKIM on an innovative patient insights market research project conducted in three small to mid-size countries. The experience and outcomes have been very satisfying, as SKIM provided a high level of expertise in dealing with patients and proposed a 360° approach that we’ve embedded in our internal process for patient insights.” 

To make an impact on the healthcare ecosystem, we worked in a highly complex setting, involving a novel therapeutic area for our organization, local compliance regulations, collaboration with patient advocacy groups and external publication of the research outcomes. My internal customers and I have been impressed by the level of expertise, the flexibility and the deliverables which have been completed with a high level of quality and professionalism.”

– Senior Insights Manager, Pharmaceutical company

Key takeaways for successful product launches

  • Involve stakeholders early: Achieve more impact by collaborating with key stakeholders from the beginning.
  • Centralize the patient voice: Keep the patient’s voice at the heart of discussions, ideation, and prioritization.
  • Foster collaboration: Build on each other’s ideas through role play and reactions to the patients’ uncensored voice.

Launching a new pharmaceutical product successfully can be a challenge, but utilizing a deep understanding of the patients’ journey and active engagement of patients and stakeholders alike can be highly valuable to the process.

Reflecting on the Patient Engagement Conference 2024

SKIM participated in Patient Engagement Conference, an event that brings together pharma professionals to exchange best practices in patient engagement. Pauline Piens, Lead Analyst of SKIM’s healthcare team, connected with attendees to explore innovative approaches to patient-centric care.

Missed the conference? You can still book a consultation with a SKIM healthcare patient research expert to discuss how we can partner on your patient engagement initiatives.