We are proud to share we were asked to contribute to the December 2012 edition of Quirk’s market research magazine, with an article on product communication. In the resulting 3-page spread article, SKIM Director of Communication Paul Janssen and Chief Methodology Officer Gerard Looschilder point out how to define, refine and deliver stronger messages to consumers.

Be clear and coherent

At the core of an effective marketing claim is a truly resonant message, one that is written in an articulate and compelling way. The ultimate proof of an effective claim often lies in the sales numbers. But before a claim can be launched into the market, it falls on the marketing researcher to discover what message will resonate most with consumers.

By leveraging the three-step process which is laid out in this article, market researchers can provide an additional level of certainty for successful message development and help ensure that marketers make the most of their chances to communicate with consumers.