Monday 19 Sep 2016

Disrupting Millennials: SKIM team Finalists for the ESOMAR CYP Award

We’re proud to share that a team of five of our best and brightest were selected as finalists for the ESOMAR Corporate Young Professional Award with their story on developing and measuring the impact of the disruption driven by Millennials. Along with the five other finalist teams, they presented their research on the main-stage at the upcoming ESOMAR Congress 2016.

We wish a big congratulations to the CYP Award winner Alexander Wheatley from Lightspeed UK with his story “Head or Heart – The conflicts of political polling”. In addition, we held a workshop and conducted a claims test on Google Cardboard at the conference on developing effective marketing messages on Sunday, September 18th.

The Game-changing Generation: How Millennials are disrupting the market and what your brand can do about it

About the presentation

Millennials are adopting new technologies and changing buying behaviors, resulting in challenges that brands need to tackle. Understanding Millennials required adapting the research approach: conducting the survey on smartphones, and more importantly, asking Millennials to respond in a way which comes naturally. A new “swiping” technique was used to capture more implicit, emotional reactions.

The case study focused on the telecom industry, now under huge pressure of changing behaviors and unconventional competitors. The research addressed what Millennials look for when choosing a network provider, the best way to talk to Millennials, and ultimately what influences their likelihood to switch or stay with a provider.

SKIM’s CYP finalist team members

Corporate Youth Programme Award

The Corporate Youth Programme Award is a new initiative where young professionals showcase and are recognized for outstanding, new and creative research focused on today’s most challenging global issues – from an agency and client point of view. This award supports young talent and demonstrates how invaluable young researchers are to businesses.

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