Disease-specific medical nutrition products are often compared to a wide scope of alternatives, ranging from health foods to prescription drugs, because of their nature (nutrition) and the health benefits they offer. In that context, medical nutrition companies have to face the huge challenge to not only differentiate from other nutritional options, but also from other potential competitors belonging to different categories.

Published on Research and Results , our Healthcare Client Solutions Manager – Robert Dossin, shared how you can effectively differentiate from other potential alternatives and how your differentiators are strong enough to be used or recommended.

Choosing the right differentiator

There are various ways nutritional companies can differentiate their products from competitors (other medical foods, drugs and health foods): differences in benefits, in functional features or design, in communication and promotional activities, etc. A differentiator has to be relevant to current brand positioning and the business model. It is crucial to determine how different your new medical nutrition product is perceived by consumers and healthcare professionals in the product development process. As a result, you can optimize your positioning and communication strategy to ensure the success of your product in the decision making process.

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