Tuesday 23 Jun 2015

Talking e-health, medical terminology, and in-the-moment mobile at EphMRA 2015

We gave a workshop, future leader presentation, and soapbox session!

At the 2015 annual EphMRA conference, our team presented a soapbox on in-the-moment mobile research, a future leaders presentation on effective medical terminology, and convening a workshop on e-health.

Soap Box session: System 1 Vs System 2 thinking and its application using ‘in the moment mobile research’

Presented by Nicole Drake, Director Client Solutions Healthcare

We’ve made a handy infographic (below) with all the insights. Simply click to download it.


In a similar vein, we’ve also presented a webinar on this topic. We encourage you to watch the recording and download the slides to find out more about in-the-moment mobile research.

Parallel session #5, Future Leaders presentations: Get it right! Use the correct medical terminology to engage your audience

Presented by Laura Dekker, Research Manager at SKIM

In her presentation, Laura highlighted the potential pitfalls when translating our highly specialized medical language, and the implications this has for physician engagement.

It’s important to recognize the time pressures that physicians are under in today’s digital century and the consequent need for marketing messages to capture physicians’ attention in a relevant and engaging way. We suggest that one way to do this is to use the appropriate medical language to help physicians identify areas of interest to them personally.

Laura went on to highlight the potential problems that can arise from imperfect translation of medical terms. Including, the English terms which may be understood in one market, but require a local language translation in another; and eponymous conditions which may be translated very differently in different countries.

To avoid these pitfalls, we recommend the benefits of online qualitative chat groups among physicians, which allow you to capture the correct terminology in its natural form. Use of the correct medical terminology will help increase engagement and make the most of your marketing efforts.

If you are unable to view the slides on this page or you’d like to download the presentation file, click here to view our slides on SlideShare.