September marked SKIM’s 40th anniversary as a global insights agency, having opened its original doors in 1979. The company recently celebrated its history of innovation, methodology expertise and client focus worldwide with a series of events 

SKIMmers across nine offices in Europe, United States, Latin America, and Asia gathered in two locations to reflect on the company’s growth, discuss its 2025 strategy and ideate on the positive impact SKIM can offer to the greater industry. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true SKIM celebration without fun team building activities and a party! 

SKIM 40Reflecting on what’s changed over the years and what has remained the same, Karin Lieshout, Managing Director, said:

40 years ago, we partnered with leading international companies, our company was rooted in analytical rigor and we were recognized as innovative by industry peers.

While today’s environment has changed so dramatically thanks to technology, big data and automation, our focus remains steady. Then and now, our strength lies in helping companies thrive by understanding and predicting decision behavior.” 

The company has grown from one individual in an office attic, to 150+ SKIMmers helping the world’s leading companies set strategies to better innovate, communicate and price their products and services.  The company continues to develop new research techniques (e.g. eCommercenew pricing solutionsconjoint innovations) to meet today’s changing decision-making environment and help companies thrive along the way.  

And the industry continues to take note. This year alone, SKIMmers took to the stage at more than 25 industry conferences and events to inspire fellow marketing and insights professionals. In addition, GreenBook GRIT 2019 Report recognized SKIM as a top innovative market research supplier 

Check out how we celebrated 40 years of SKIM around the world 

SKIM celebrates 40th anniversary in Europe
SKIMmers across Europe and Asia participate in sheep-herding team building activity
SKIM Celebrates 40th anniversary in US
SKIMmers across the U.S. consider the positive impact SKIM can offer
SKIM 40 - connecting around the world
In the Netherlands, Joost van Ruitenburg checks in with SKIMmers in Latin America via live #SKIM40 stream
SKIM Celebrates 40th anniversary in Latin America
Members of the SKIM Latin America team enjoy paddle boarding in Brazil
SKIM celebrates 40th anniversary with theme party
SKIM Singapore team gets into the 1980s spirit at the #SKIM40 decades theme party

About SKIM 

SKIM is a global insights agency helping leading companies thrive by understanding decision-making. To stay ahead in today’s environment, it’s critical to know how decisions are made and how the changing environment influences decisions for consumers, healthcare and B2B professionals. 

By understanding how decision-making has changed (and how it hasn’t!), we adapt sophisticated research techniques and develop innovations to address this new reality. The result? Practical brand communications, revenue management, product innovation, e-commerce, and advanced analytics recommendations you can use to propel your business forward, online and offline. 

What sets SKIM apart is our decision behavior expertise + deep analytical and choice-modeling roots + a thorough understanding of the marketing challenges brands face. This unique combination, along with our creative thinking, is the reason why strategy consultants and leading companies, from Fortune 500 to digital disruptors, continue to partner with us for decades. 

With 9 offices in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia, and 150+ enthusiastic SKIMmers ready to help crack your business case today, how can we team up with you today?