Spotlight on innovation in market research and insights industry

Top Innovative Market Research Insights Agency 2020

We’re proud to announce that SKIM has been recognized for our strategic consulting, innovation and data analytics expertise in the 2020 GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT) – Business & Innovation edition.

This year we have been named one of the “Most Innovative Research Suppliers,” joining the Top 15 at #12.

Since making our debut on the GreenBook GRIT Report four years ago, SKIM has consistently moved up the ranks, including #7 position for strategic consultancy.

Most Innovative Market Research Agency Supplier GreenBook 2020
GreenBook 2020 GRIT Report – Top 15 Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers

Defining innovation in market research

How does the insights industry define innovation? According to GreenBook, clients consider innovative research suppliers as “how well offerings address their challenges around speed, cost, and resources.”

Since the company’s inception 40 years ago, SKIMmers have always had a strong focus on innovation. And 2020 is no different,” said Joris Huisman, Managing Director, SKIM.

“Our passion for understanding and predicting decision behavior, our rigorous analytics approach and our intrinsically curious people is what fuels our innovation.”

As the decision-making environment continues to shift, companies continue to return to SKIM for the insights they need to adapt their marketing strategies. And our clients are enjoying the business benefits of doing so. For example, they’re relying on our data fusion techniques to improve their revenue management strategies or our online behavioral data solutions to improve online conversion.

Market research partners to innovative companies

GreenBook also publishes the GRIT Top 25 Most Innovative Client Companies. They ask insights professionals who the most innovative clients/brands are (and why). SKIM is proud to be a partner to 19 of the top 25 most innovative client companies on the list, such as:

“We’re glad to see many of our clients recognized for their innovative approaches to market research,” said Huisman. “We grateful for the partnership and your enthusiasm in exploring new techniques and solutions with us!”

About the 2020 GRIT Report – Business & Innovation Edition

GreenBook  is a leading voice in the market research and consumer insights space. It aims to inspire, inform, and connect insights professionals across the globe through its online directory, webinars, articles, reports, and the IIeX global event series. The company publishes several editions of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report each year, featuring hard-to-find critical trend data, analysis, and expert commentary.

The 27th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, uses data collected in Q1 & Q2 of 2020. This report continues the effort GreenBook began in 2018 to have each report focus on different aspects of the industry. This edition focuses on issues related to business dynamics and the role of innovation.

It explores the challenges and opportunities across the industry as a whole. Download the full report to learn how external changes spur innovation and impact business outcomes, expectations, and strategies.