Monday 20 Feb 2017 Amsterdam

Presented “How new mobile research techniques can create better insights” at IIeX EU 2017

On February 20-21, we presented our latest approach on mobile research at the Insight Innovation eXchange (IIeX) Europe 2017.

On the first day of the event, we explained the three new innovative approaches we developed to fit with the following criteria: practical, fast, leverage intuitive mobile techniques, and rely on both rational and emotional processes which allow us to more accurately capture actual consumer decision making behavior.

The next day, our chairman and founder at SKIM, Dirk Huisman chaired the AI, Big Data, and Insights track.

Everything you need to know about Unspoken™

If you are unable to view the slides on this page, click here to view our slides on SlideShare. You can also download the PDF directly here.

About the new mobile research techniques

The world around us is changing rapidly, and the market research industry must adjust accordingly. Key industry trends are the need for speed, the growing proliferation of mobile, and bridging rational and emotional drivers.

To fit with these requirements, we are introducing Unspoken™. By combining intuitive mobile techniques with psychological theory and advanced modeling, this mobile-only implicit application opens the door to a new generation of research solutions.

  • How to capture non-rational drivers through a mobile friendly research design based on implicit research techniques
  • How “natural” mobile techniques such as tapping and swiping can be used to increase respondent engagement
  • A real-life case study will demonstrate how these techniques improve performance over traditional survey designs

Get your copy of our Unspoken™ presentation in PDF below!