On their journey of new product development, pharmaceutical companies face a plethora of decisions that require input from customers.

Often, this involves a forecast of the future market landscape to predict if, how and how much the product might be adopted.

However, forecasting can take many shapes depending on the context and underlying business questions – for instance:

  • which types of patients will be most eligible to receive the new product?
  • which variations of the product profile elicit the most positive market potential?
  • how can we find analogs in niche indications?

In this webinar, we discussed important considerations in setting up a forecasting study, including the most appropriate approach in answering different business questions.

We discussed that by asking simply ‘How will this product perform in the market?’ the research set-up will not be very specific, possibly resulting in a disappointing answer to the pharma client.

In this webinar, you learn:

  • In preparation for a new product launch, how can you effectively identify the underlying business question and decide on the critical elements to take into account for your forecasting research.
  • The integration of primary vs. secondary data.
  • A model involving 4 key dimensions which will help pharma client to identify the most relevant business questions which allow you to optimize the research set up.