Physicians consciously or unconsciously link treatment options to a specific patient profile, based on their experience and habitual behaviour. These unconscious choices can have profound consequences for treatment decisions.

This upcoming session at the BHBIA Conference 2019 focuses on how to measure the impact of ‘un-conscious’ factors, which – through proposed publication in a medical journal – can help raise awareness and trigger conscious treatment decisions. Together with AstraZeneca UK, we will share how co-creation sessions with a dedicated HCP panel were instrumental in defining relevant patient and disease-related characteristics to mimic realistic treatment decisions in stage III Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC).

After analysing conjoint trade-off vignettes of patient profiles together with our HCP panel, the impact of this case-study was two-fold: inform the medical-decision making discussion among the clinical community who treat these complex cases and improve communication by the pharma company to optimise outcomes for patients with this disease.

Date and time: Tuesday, 14th of May 2019 12.30 pm BST
Location: De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, Berkshire

  • Kirstin Micilotta, Marketing Lead Immuno-Oncology Franchise – AstraZeneca UK
  • Elisabeth Race, Business Insight Lead Oncology – AstraZeneca UK
  • Elise Kocks, Senior Research Manager – SKIM