SKIMspiration 2015 – “The Decision Age”

An afternoon of inspiration in Rotterdam

We look back on another great SKIMspiration event! The 2015 edition was held on June 4th at our SKIM office in Rotterdam. Following successful editions since 2010, we enjoyed a variety of interactive presentations on trends and innovations in market research with you and your research colleagues from companies across the Benelux.

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Photos from SKIMspiration 2015

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SKIMspiration 2015 – “The Decision Age”

Track A: Digital in the Decision Age
Track B: Overcome Decision Dilemma

Round 1.A: When physicians get emotional: using mobile devices to capture the truth behind prescribing decisions

Have you ever wondered why people choose Coke over Pepsi or Bud Light over Coors Light? Or why two brands of pharmaceuticals with similar efficacy and safety measures are prescribed differently? The reasoning behind these types of decision outcomes is often more influenced by emotion than rational thinking. We’ve used mobile technology to overcome the lost time element by employing a Mobile Survey App to get closer to the moment of prescribing which has led to new insights and actions from Big Pharma. Eelke shared how we use System 1 / System 2 theory developed by Daniel Kahneman to establish why prescribing decisions are often driven by emotions which makes conducting research “in-the-moment” so important.

By Eelke Roos

Round 1.B: How to communicate superior value through your product claims

Brands rely more than ever before on strong claims to convince consumers that their products are superior to competition. Marketing executives recognize this and send directives to their teams to create more hard-hitting claims. The most intuitive response is to do this by making comparative claims that directly claim superiority over competitive offerings. But is this really the most effective way to set yourself apart? Our analysis of thousands of claims studies reveals how consumers really perceive value and the way it affects their decision making. By linking these insights to the everyday complexities clients face, Scott and Paul will provide you with a set of actionable guidelines on how to maximize the impact of your product claims.

By Scott Garrison and Paul Janssen

Round 2.A: Using virtual environments to optimize the online shopping process

Sales are increasingly migrating to online retail. In traditional retail, marketers have decades of proven insight to fall back on. Online retail environments are less mature and are more technically driven. Time is extremely limited in the real world of e-commerce. As such, the sales process needs to be short, sweet, and effectively optimized for the digital shelf. Mini and John explained how, in a research environment, we have the opportunity to experiment with different ways of guiding the consumer through the sales process. By creating virtual online shopping environments that mimic online retail stores such as the Amazon website or the Amazon mobile app we can learn how to optimize the online shopping process, the stores, and the products on display.

By Mini Kalivianakis & John Ashraf

Round 2.B: Two ways of making decisions – When utility and regret come together

Different from a Random Utility Model (RUM), a Random Regret Model (RRM) assumes consumers take the context of a choice into account: choosing an option that minimizes regret on a few pertinent options, rather than maximizing utility. For some consumers, RRM may better represent how choices are made. Jeroen and Aaron showed how to combine RUM and RRM to yield the best predictive validity.

By Jeroen Hardon & Aaron Hill from Sawtooth Software

Round 3.A: Consumer Decision Journey

Consumers aren’t what they used to be. Informed and empowered, they decide when and how to engage with your brand. There’s no sales funnel to push consumers through; instead, they take part in journeys. You can either join them or become irrelevant. Welcome to the Age of the Consumer. In this new era, the consumer journey has become less predictable and controllable; misunderstanding this can lead to ineffective marketing spending. In his presentation, Dirk showed how we help you make sense of the journey in the consumer age. You will uncover how consumers build up to their final decisions and what touch points can be best utilized to influence them along this decision journey.

By Dirk Huisman

Round 3.B: Making market research actionable: ensuring that key stakeholders deeply experience and act upon insights

Sometimes it can be challenging to ensure that insights from complex research studies are heard, internalized, and acted upon. Nicole and Marcel focused on a case-study of a large, multi-country, multi-phase study, which will illustrate one way of meeting this challenge. In our interactive workshop, we will conduct a mini “walk in the shoes” of the patient immersion session to illustrate our points. We have found that by actively experiencing the challenges that customers face, the global, regional and national brand teams are better able to generate solutions in the form of targeted marketing programs. Nicole and Marcel shared our immersion approach for bringing research results to life for key stakeholders.

By Nicole Drake and Marcel Slavenburg

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