Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Using mobile devices to capture the truth behind prescribing decisions at European PMRC 2015

Revealing true in-the-moment drivers

We’re proud to share that SKIM’s Eelke Roos presented at the European Pharma Market Research Conference on utilizing in-the-moment mobile research to gain better insights on what drives decisions, particularly for the pharma industry.

When Physicians Get Emotional – Using Mobile Devices to Capture the Truth Behind Prescribing Decisions

Presented by:
Eelke Roos, Senior Research Manager, SKIM

If you are unable to view the slides on this page or you’d like to download the presentation file, click here to view our slides on SlideShare.

About the presentation

Have you ever wondered why two brands of pharmaceuticals with similar efficacy and safety measures are prescribed differently? Often this is more influenced by emotion than rational thinking. We’ve used mobile technology to get closer to the moment of prescribing which has led to new insights and actions from Big Pharma. We transform lengthy mobile surveys to shorter and more engaging smart phone survey solutions. All while guarding validity of the results.