Wednesday 14 Feb 2018 Newark, US

Swipe right, swipe left: Subconscious decision making among physicians – presenting at PMRC

Everyone is under pressure in today’s busy world. In demand. Multi-tasking. Short of time. And increasingly reliant on the mobile devices that dominate our daily lives.

How can we “tap” into these new dynamics? Can we find a way to do it that “clicks” with respondents? What can enable us us to “zoom in” on both conscious and subconscious decision-making processes to deliver more representative results? If you’re wondering what the next generation of in-the-moment, on-the-move, pharma market research will look like, this presentation has the answer.

Presenting at the upcoming PMRC, we will present our latest mobile research technique developed in the consumer packaged goods world, yet innovative, intuitive and fun.

Date and time: Wednesday, 14th of February 2018 at 3.20 pm EST
Track: C

Join us at the upcoming PMRC in Newark, New Jersey.