Saturday 3 Jun 2017 Paris - Rotterdam

Running for 520 kilometers in the Roparun 2017 to improve the life of cancer patients

Raising money to support those fighting cancer

Saturday, June 3, 2017 our SKIM team began their run for the 26th edition of the Roparun. This unique relay run led thousands of runners, cyclists, and support staff divided over 345 teams from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam. The goal of this great event was to collect funds for a better quality of life for cancer patients.

This year, SKIM participated in the Roparun for the second time. Our team prepared themselves over many weeks with training, organizing, and fundraising in order to successfully make it from Paris to our hometown Rotterdam on Monday June 5th.

The motto of the Roparun is “Adding life to days where days can no longer be added to life”, and we at SKIM are passionate about having an opportunity to contribute to this great cause.

Our sponsors

MKS International
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China Town
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Makro Barendrecht Blauw en florijnWhere your donation goes

All money that was raised by the Roparun Foundation was used to support projects for people with cancer. Examples of projects supported by the Roparun Foundation are holiday homes for people with cancer and their families, hospices and palliative care facilities for cancer patients.

More information about the projects can be found here.

Roparun 2015 training

Here is a glimpse of how one of our trainings went for the Roparun 2015:

Our Roparun team

The Roparun team consisted of 8 runners, 6 cyclists, and a team of 10 support staff members taking care of transportation, equipment, catering, and overall well-being of the athletes. The distance to be covered between Paris and Rotterdam is approximately 520 kilometers, which means that each runner has to run 65 kilometers. The 8 runners are divided into two groups, and these sub-teams switched every 4 – 4,5 hours, continuing day and night for up to 48 hours.

Our team captain

Our runners

Our cyclists

Our supports

Our drivers

Our navigators

Our masseur