Monday 11 May 2015

Drug forecasting with in-the-moment mobile research at BHBIA 2015

Co-presented with Boehringer Ingelheim on May 11th in London

We’re proud to share that SKIM co-presented with Boehringer Ingelheim UK on the main-stage at the BHBIA Annual Conference 2015. Sarah Morley from BI UK and Debora Corfield from SKIM presented on how in-the-moment mobile research can be harnessed by the pharma industry to get closer to the point of prescription.

Mobile Drug Forecasting in the Age of Personalized Medicine

Presented by:
Sarah Morley, Business Intelligence Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim UK, and Debora Corfield, Research Director at SKIM

If you are unable to view the slides on this page or you’d like to download the presentation file, click here to view our slides on SlideShare.

About presentation

An innovative approach to drug forecasting – in-the-moment mobile research enables collection of robust data close to the point of prescription. Applied to forecasting the advantages are significant – individualized data accounts for the increasingly personalized approaches to treatment based on bio-markers. Furthermore, the mobile platform enables collection of more qualitative information to supplement the quantitative, delivering robust yet holistic outcomes.