Tuesday 25 Apr 2017

EphMRA webinar: Advanced quantitative methods and analytics

In an increasingly complex marketplace, pharmaceutical companies face many challenges when launching and marketing their products. One contributing factor is that suitable market research methodologies are required to support decision makers.

Previously, EphMRA have held webinars on advanced quantitative methods such as segmentation and conjoint measurements. This time, together with Robert Dossin – our Client Solutions Director Europe – we presented alternative trade-off methodologies which can help you answer the following business questions:

  • Which concept is preferred most by healthcare professionals?
  • Is my new Target Product Profile unique in this competitive market?
  • What product claims and messages will drive most interest?

Date: April 25th, 2017 at 13.30 – 14.30 DST
Presenter: Robert Dossin
– Alexander Rummel, Aurum Research
– An-Hwa Lee, Research Partnership

What you learn in this webinar

Without turning to a full conjoint technique that rates attributes and levels, this webinar will focus on adjunct trade-off analysis such as:

  • MaxDiff (Maximum Difference scaling or also known as best/worst case analysis)
  • Advanced ranking methods such as
    • Anchored ranks,
    • Forced difference ratings or even ‘simple’ ranking, and
    • Allocation exercises to weigh the various attributes or focus only the most important

We explained which business questions they can address, when to use these methodologies and why they are appropriate. Also practical examples will be shared and some examples of outcomes given, including the do’s and don’ts.