What it does for you

Traditionally, online subscription services use A/B testing for website optimization and also for testing new portfolio and pricing scenarios. Yet in most cases, especially for large services, you don’t want to test the new offerings using live A/B testing as the number of options is too large and/or to avoid alienating target customers.

Helping you answer questions like

  • What is the opportunity in volume and revenue when upselling my current customers to a more premium subscription?
  • What is the risk of cannibalizing within my current portfolio compared to new customer acquisition?
  • Which product features are the most important discriminators and what is the value of brand?
  • What does the configuration of the optimal lineup for the portfolio look like?

How it works

SKIM’s decision behavior platform builds on over 30 years of experience in practicing and advancing choice modeling techniques. We provide an adaptive approach to each project with the appropriate blend of methodologies to fit the project and market needs. Our approach is based on survey testing with the relevant customer base away from your website. This enables us to test very complex future scenario space to provide you with an optimal portfolio and pricing strategy. It also frees your A/B testing resources for other web optimization needs.

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