We are the leading specialists in medical and healthcare fieldwork in the Netherlands. We are dedicated to conducting qualitative research. Who are ‘we’? Please let us introduce ourselves.

Marcel Slavenburg, Research Director

Marcel SlavenburgIn 1999, I started in medical market research and there still has not been a single moment that I have regretted this decision. I’ve been at SKIM since 2008. Over the years, I’ve coordinated and executed both qualitative and quantitative, national and international market research projects (including discussion guide design, moderation, and analyses). As a moderator, I have conversations with medical target groups, in groups or individually, on a regular basis. I really like challenges and innovative approaches. I feel that empathy for both parties is vital to serve as a link between the clients and the respondents – and I happen to be very good at it!

Jeroen van den Hoven, Manager

Jeroen van den Hoven After completing my Master’s Degree in Marketing Management, I started working at SKIM. I have 8 years of experience with qualitative medical market research in various areas. I have been involved in project management, moderation, guide design and presenting findings to clients. I have moderated numerous topics including device testing, market understanding and concept testing. I mainly focus on medical research, however, I regularly conduct consumer and B2B interviews as well. I really like to be involved from A to Z in a project and to advise clients on the best ways of getting their business questions answered in our market!

Janneke van den Bent, Senior Analyst


Upon completion of my Anthropology Bachelor and Business Adminstration Master, I realized that maybe, just maybe, I should have studied medicine instead… Qualitative research in healthcare, however, is the perfect solution – it allows me to combine my love for research with my somewhat strange interest in everything and anything medical. Although oncology definitely is most interesting to me, I have set-up and moderated research in areas ranging from panty liners to stroke prevention to psoriatic arthritis, and spoken to patients, HCPs and consumers. My approach is always the same: personal, emphatic, and full of interest.

Ana Edelenbosch, Manager

Ana Edelenbosch As a Manager for the Global Healthcare team, I continue to draw my inspiration from communication and international relationships. I manage individual qualitative projects covering all stages from feasibility consults to proposal writing, developing of discussion guides, moderation, data analysis, and client presentation. I’ve moderated a wide variety of topics, including market understanding, patient treatment pathways, concept and ad testing, lifestyle and wellbeing, and patient studies. I like the variety of moderation, raging from traditional face to face interviews to online bulletin boards. Combining strong empathy with an in-depth understanding of the topic and objectives is always what drives me.

Chitra van den Boom, Research Executive

Chitra-van-den-BoomDuring my Psychology and Philosophy studies I learned I have strong analytical skills, which I put to good use at SKIM. Later I realized, while working in data science consultancy where I spend most of my time surrounded by numbers, I’d like to have more human interaction in my daily work. As a psychologist, my greatest interest lies in figuring out what drives people. What do they think, what do they do and mostly: why do people think they do what they do? My investigative mind is at its best and happiest when I’m uncovering those insights in conversation. The love for both data and human behavior results in being an empathetic, engaged and thorough moderator.