SKIM Fieldwork is glad to help you out with a wide range of research services to support your research needs.

We provide you with valuable insights and local market advise. We deliver high quality data on time and in the form you require, plus insights and crossover thinking that others cannot provide.

A flexible and professional attitude towards yourselves and your clients is guaranteed to provide an inspiring and enthusiastic atmosphere. In terms of fieldwork areas of expertise we have built extensive experience in qualitative research with healthcare professionals, patients, and physicians.

Qualitative services

SKIM Fieldwork’s qualitative expertise ranges from traditional in-depth interviews to online qualitative research. Especially when it comes down to Central Location research, we understand that professional project management and quality moderation is pivotal. Below are some qualitative services we offer:

  • Recruitment: custom or via our own panel
  • Discussion guide design
  • Moderation
  • (Simultaneous) translation
  • Analysis
  • Translation of materials
  • Full reports
  • Transcripts
  • In-house research facility

Our fieldwork moderators

SKIM is proud to have its own highly qualified in-house moderators. Click on a name below to get to know our moderators (PDF).

Marcel Slavenburg
Meet Marcel, Research Director
Meet Ana, Manager
Meet Jeroen, Manager
Meet Janneke, Senior Analyst
Meet Chitra, Research Executive

Our research facility

SKIM Fieldwork has its own in-house research facility Triggerpoint in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, dedicated to conducting qualitative research. Visit to find out more about what benefits you can reap from our research facility.