Choice modeling

Conjoint analysis, MaxDiff and other choice modeling approaches

Optimal designs carefully balance data robustness and respondent happiness.  You like to capture the best possible data and know you need to strike the golden mean to achieve this.

At SKIM, we carefully consider your needs when modeling the research question into a discrete choice experiment. Then we test and retest, from both a client and customer perspective, to ensure ourselves that we get the most out of your research. Approaching realism and at the same time controlling for optimal information capture.

Finding the right approach

As a frontrunner in the field of choice modelling and a preferred partner of Sawtooth Software, global leader in conjoint software, at SKIM we can assist you in finding the right approach for your study.

We specialize in choice-based conjoint (CBC), menu-based conjoint (MBC), adaptive CBC (ACBC), and Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff). In addition, we offer a suite of advanced conjoint solutions:

  • SKIM Virtual Shelf: Increased realism in a virtual shopping trip
  • Consideration set: Our way to deal with markets with lots and lots of different SKU’s
  • Investment-based categories: Markets where respondents purchase an initial product which will be followed by repeat purchases of refills (e.g. printers, razor blades)
  • Line pricing